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Basic Needs

Jun 19 2017

The Department of Agriculture is Seeking Applications for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Process Improvements

The Department of Agriculture seeks to support efforts by State agencies and their community-based and faith-based partners to develop and implement simple Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) application and eligibility determination systems or measures to improve access to SNAP benefits by eligible applicants. The department seeks diverse proposals that would make the entire process easier and more efficient for SNAP applicants and participants. Grant proposals should focus on improving the quality and efficiency of operations and processes within the SNAP office.

Specifically, the department is interested in initiatives that use new technologies or examine office processes in order to improve application processing timeliness for initial or recertification applications.

Grant Amount: Grants of up to $2,000,000 are available.

Eligibility:  The entities eligible to receive grants under this competition are:

•The 53 State agencies that administer the SNAP;

•State or local governments;

•Agencies providing health or welfare services;

•Public health or educational entities;

•Private nonprofit entities such as community-based or faith-based organizations, foodbanks, or other emergency feeding organizations.

Due Date: June 19, 2017

For more information, visit: opportunity.html?oppId=293250


Dec 29 2017

The Georgia-Pacific Foundation Accepting Applications for Community-Based Programs

The foundation funds and supports community-based programs, volunteer service projects, disaster relief and other initiatives to improve the quality of life in communities where Georgia-Pacific operates. The Foundation invests its resources in four areas which include: education, environment, community enrichment and entrepreneurship. Programs chosen for funding must create tangible value and measurable return on investment in the community.

Grant Amount: The foundation considers the value of the program to the community and the amount they have available to donate. There is no specified amount.

Eligibility:  Eligible applicants must:

•Be a nonprofit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization

•Be located approximately 30 miles of Georgia-Pacific manufacturing community

Due Date: Grant applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

For more information, visit:


Dec 31 2017

The Vons Foundation Accepting Applications for Programs that Provide Basic Needs other Community Strengthening Services

The Albertsons Companies and Vons Foundations fund organizations that strengthen the neighborhoods they serve. In the Southern California region, the Foundation funds nonprofit organizations whose mission is aligned with these priority areas:

•Health and Human Services


•Youth and Education


•Supporting Diversity and Inclusion of All Abilities 

Grant Amount: Grant amounts are typically between $1,000 and $5,000.

Eligibility: Eligible organizations include nonprofits with a valid 501(c)(3) designation from the IRS and schools recognized by the government. All applications in California, Hawaii and Reno-area Nevada require an employee sponsor. Typically, an employee sponsor is a volunteer, board member or someone who has been helped by the applicant organization. If the applicant organization cannot identify an employee in their ranks, the Foundation recommends they speak to a local Store Manager to see if they would be willing to sponsor the application.

The Foundation generally does not fund:

•Individuals or for-profit organizations

•Political organizations or activities

•Religious organizations for religious purposes

•Capital or building campaigns

•Advocacy programs

•Meetings, conferences or workshops

•Sports teams or athletic competitions

•Other foundations or granting organizations

•Fundraising dinners, galas, and events

Due Date: Applications are reviewed quarterly.

For more information, visit: southern-ca/


Dec 31 2017

The KIND Foundation Seeking Applications for Organizations Making a Tangible Impact for People in Need

The KIND Foundation seeks to empower individuals and organizations to share their ideas for making the world a little kinder and/or helping people who need it most. Applicants submit their cause on the KIND Foundation website, filling in details about how they plan to create an impact and use funding. A KIND Foundation team member reviews the submission for entry the following month. The cause then goes live on the KIND Causes website, and visitors to the site vote for the causes most important to them. Each month, the KIND Foundation team reviews the tallies and awards the funding to the cause with the most votes. There is currently one winner per month.

Grant Amount: Grants of $10,000 are awarded every month.

Eligibility: To be eligible, the proposal must be designed to be completed within six months of winning and within a $10,000 budget. Cause creators must be 18 years or older and a resident of the US or Canada (excluding Quebec). KIND Causes is open to anyone with a socially-impactful idea that impacts people in need.

Due Date: Submissions must be received by the 7th of each month.

For more information, visit: