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IMPORTANT: Inclusion on this website does not indicate an endorsement of any kind. We do not vet or evaluate the consultants included in directory. It is important that each nonprofit conduct the appropriate due diligence to ensure a selected consultant possesses the skills and experience required for each specific project. Participating consultants must be able to provide a letter of support from two nonprofit organizations they have worked with, and must indicate they have been in business a minimum of one year.


Third Sector Company

Third Sector Company is a highly specialized professional services organization deeply committed to and driven by a mission statement that values human capital development as fundamental to an organization’s success. “Our mission is to foster a continuity of professional and voluntary leadership for the future of the nonprofit sectors in the United States and Canada.”

With a team of 30 trained interim executives and a line of support services that foster leadership continuity for the nonprofit sector, Third Sector Company has served over 300 nonprofit organizations.
Our affiliates maintain their individual consulting practices as well as provide services through Third Sector Company. Our affiliates are skilled in all aspects of nonprofit management and development.

We accomplish our mission by offering the following leadership continuity pathways to our clients:
Interim Chief Executive & Development Officers - Our trained, experienced and vetted nonprofit professionals provide on-demand leadership during times of transition and unforeseen executive vacancies.

Executive Performance Enhancement & Review – Peer mentoring, performance planning, and third-party performance reviews contribute to the lowering of needless executive attrition.
Succession Planning Training & Consultation – The basis of all our work, frequent succession planning workshops and consultation services unique to each of our clients promotes a culture of leadership continuity.
Leadership Development Academy– The Board Chairs Academy is a cohort learning program designed to encourage and grow professionals and skilled board members.
Volunteer-Led Executive Search Support – Training volunteer search committees and providing administrative support to key leadership enables nonprofit organizations to coordinate their own successful hiring process.

When a request comes in to the Third Sector Company office for a consultant or nonprofit interim, a detailed information form is completed. The administrative staff and the senior advisors analyze the needs of the organization and determine who is our recommended candidate to fulfill those needs. A Third Sector Company bio is sent to the organization for their review. If the organization desires to meet the candidate, an electronic introduction is sent to both parties. If, after the interview, an agreement is reached to work together, a contract is drawn up and signed by the affiliate and the organization.

Primary Contact Helen Wardner, Sr. Consultant, Client & Affiliate Relations


Phone 562-484-8281

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Location PO Box 16816 (Virtual Office), Irvine 92623

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Categories Board Leadership, General, Grants & Funder, Nonprofit Management, Resource Development, Strategy & Planning, Volunteerism