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HARC, Inc. (Health Assessment and Research for Communities)

HARC, Inc. (Health Assessment and Research for Communities) is a nonprofit specializing in research and evaluation. HARC offers a variety of customized services that are designed to give nonprofits the information they need to make evidence-based decisions. Having objective, reliable information helps nonprofits to be as effective and efficient as possible, and use their limited resources wisely. HARC works closely with each nonprofit client to ensure that the services meet the client's needs, timeline, and budget.

HARC's services include:

Program Evaluation:
Program evaluation is the systematic approach of collecting and analyzing information to better understand a particular program and it's impact on clients. A program evaluation identifies what aspects of the program are working well (and should be continued), what aspects are not working well (and should be adapted or eliminated) in order to make the best use possible of limited resources. A program evaluation assesses if the program is meeting the overall goals, and what impact it is having on people who go through that program. Evaluation helps to measure how a program changes lives, and communicate that to others in easily understandable metrics. A successful program evaluation can increase chances of future funding, as funders are eager to fund a program that has demonstrated success in the past.

Needs Assessment:
A needs assessment is a type of study that is conducted PRIOR to designing a program, project, or other intervention. A needs assessment provides concrete evidence about the who, what, why, where, and when of a particular problem. The results of the needs assessment will help inform the design of effective and efficient programs and services to address those needs, and help make the case to potential funders that the need exists and funds should be allocated to address those needs. HARC provides a wide range of needs assessment services, from assessing the needs of existing clients all the way to assessing the needs of an entire community.

Analysis of Existing Data:
Many nonprofits already have a great deal of data in-house, but often don't have the time or expertise to turn it into actionable, useful information. HARC can clean and analyze the existing data, and use advanced statistical techniques bring out unique insights that can help guide work going forward.

Primary Contact Dr. Jenna LeComte-Hinely


Phone 760-404-1945

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Location 75080 Frank Sinatra Drive, Suite A221, Palm Desert 92211

Years Consulting 7

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Categories General, Program Design & Evaluation