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Why Capacity Building?

Nonprofit organizations (NPOs) play a vital role in promoting a high quality of life for residents throughout San Bernardino County in fields ranging from education, to the arts, to healthcare, counseling, spiritual guidance, and community service. NPOs touch our lives and positively impact our community in many ways — by caring for our children when we work, by providing services to our elderly and the neediest among us, by providing medical care, education, recreation, crisis services, arts, and culture. When it comes to caring for and nurturing people and communities, NPOs are there.

Like any business, nonprofits need to invest in the effectiveness of their leadership, management, fundraising, and learning necessary to constantly improve their ability to meet their mission. This is not easy to do, however, when funding is hard to come by and often tied to short-term program outputs and staff time is stretched to the limit.

Capacity Building

We believe that now is the time to help nurture the development of the nonprofit sector to play its role in improving quality of life and fulfilling the Countywide Vision of a complete county that capitalizes on the diversity of its people, its geography, and its economy to create a broad range of choices for its residents in how they live, work, and play.

Join us!
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