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The San Bernardino County Capacity Building Consortium works to create systemic change through cutting-edge knowledge generation that gives nonprofits the tools they need to advocate for better support.

Economic Impact Report

Nonprofits are also an economic engine for San Bernardino County, with over 5,642 NPOs employing nearly 49,000 people or 6% of the county’s labor force — more than the transportation; farming or finance, insurance, and real estate industries. The sector accounts for $8 billion in assets and $5 billion in revenue annually.

In 2013 SBCCBC conducted a landmark study of the nonprofit sector’s economic impact in the county, which found that nonprofits bring an estimated $2.5 billion into the county from outside sources, resulting in nearly $4.25 billion in economic output and generating more than 48,000 jobs.

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Nonprofit Capacity Building Strategic Plan for San Bernardino County: A Roadmap to Achieve Impact

In 2012 the County of San Bernardino contracted with The Community Foundation and the Capacity Building Consortium to produce a strategic plan to strengthen the support services to make the nonprofit sector more effective in achieving the Countywide Vision.

The plan identified several priority strategies to strengthen the capacity building infrastructure in the county:

1. Adopt common capacity building tools and language, and build the skills to use them.
2. Create a comprehensive continuum of services by developing, coordinating, and vetting capacity builders and services.
3. Improve sector collaboration, by increasing coordination across Capacity Builder/NPO/Funder segments.
4. Advocate to funders and business/corporate community for increased capacity building investment.
5. Strengthen leadership of nonprofits, both staff and board members.
6. Leverage resources and build backbone infrastructure for sustainable implementation.

Download the Nonprofit Capacity Building Strategic Plan for San Bernardino County (full narrative version)
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Walking the Razor's Edge: Nonprofit Funding and Capacity in San Bernardino County

The nonprofit sector is a valuable resource that is being under-utilized, with many organizations in San Bernardino struggling with extremely challenging funding environment.

  • The county has an underdeveloped local philanthropic sector, with 134 private foundations holding $414 million in assets and making just over $10.6 million in grants, equal to roughly 1% of LA County's 3,506 foundations' assets of $34.5 billion and $1.5 billion in grants. Among counties in California, San Bernardino ranks #34 in foundation assets per capita and #26 in grantmaking per capita.
  • Foundation grantmaking in San Bernardino County is only $5.22 per county resident, only 3.3% of the $159 per capita grantmaking by LA County foundations and just 3.5% of the statewide average of $149.
  • San Bernardino County gets 48 cents on the dollar in Federal grants compared to the rest of the state, receiving $1,018 per capita compared to $2,117 per capita for California, and $2,213 nationally.

This is a multifaceted problem, the combined result of decades of underfunding, an underdeveloped local economic and philanthropic base, and the nonprofit sector's own limitations. The lack of resources is made worse by the inability of many NPOs in the county to compete for funds; serve as good stewards of the resources they do get; and demonstrate the impact of their programs.

This report provides an in-depth analysis of the philanthropic landscape in San Bernardino County and makes recommendations for foundations, government entities, and nonprofits themselves to build capacity for improving quality of life in our county.

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